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Founded in 1994, the Brotherhood MILITES VIENNENSES brings together a group of enthusiasts who proposes, through re-enactment, to recreate and present to the public a picture as faithful as possible of the life at two periods of history.

The first period we are interested in, is the years 1250 – height of Vianden's prosperity. The second one, some 350 years later, is the early 17th century - dark period of history both for the county of Vianden and the rest of Europe.

On a personal level, the re-enactment of everyday life allows us, to some extent, to experience what people of the past lived, better understand their joys, sorrows, and also the challenges they have faced.

It's an experience we want to share…


Our group organizes and participates to re-enactment focussing on the 13th and the 17th centuries, locally as well as internationally and work with various local, national and international partners with the goal to bring history back to life and to convey playfully these times to the audience. The scope of our activities is quite broad, and we can offer organizers "tailor made" activities.

Our "all audiences" programm comprises, among others, the following activities:

  • Presentation of everyday life in the 13th and 17th centuries;
  • Representation of civil and military camps and tournaments;
  • Specific workshops: writing, kitchen , fencing , ...;
  • Presentation of our historical material;
  • Guided tours;
  • Historic Banquets;
  • Weapons demonstrations and drill;
  • Staging of duels, trial , etc.

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